Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ever felt like creating a world beating Travel Company in 48 hours?

I believe that to create any new business you need to know what your customers want to buy. What makes travel even harder is that many travel companies have to serve the traveller but get paid by the travel supplier.

So you need to know not only what the traveller desires but you also need to know it is something that travel suppliers are willing to finance.

This May 23-24 at the Travel Distribution Summit London I am offering 16 people the unique opportunity to try and use the combined brains of 300 online savvy travel suppliers to create a travel company that customers will want to use and vitally the travel suppliers will be willing to pay for.

16 sponsored individuals will meet the day before the Travel Distribution Summit. Once put into 4 teams and briefed by our innovation experts, they will use the unbeatable networking this event provides to create a business that the industry wants.

After 2 days of meetings, briefings and brain storming, the teams will present their ideas to our audience (which always includes serial travel industry investors) and a winner will be announced.

Then it’s up to the team.  At the event they have a unique opportunity to test the demand for their product and meet some very influential investors.  Post event they can either take the idea and use it or just use the great experience and contacts they have created to do something new.

If you are interested in joining as new company Creator please fill in the form here. We are looking for 16 applicants and we want a wide range of skills, so both experienced experts that have done this before and motivated graduate types alike are all welcome!  There is no cost involved but you will be expected to work on creating a new product rather than attending all the conference sessions. Networking will be key!


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